Greeting of Octavie Modert - Minister for Cultural Affairs, Luxembourg

Kulturministerin Octavie Modert, Luxmeburg

A cross-border culture an field event for all ages!

With the first „Europiade“ the historical dimension of the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park will be especially underlined. During the different walking tours the participants will have the possibility to explore the footsteps of the Gauls, the Romans and the Benedictines. I am sure that the walk in the Little Luxembourgish Switzerland an the neighbouring Eifel will incite the young and the old to explore and rediscover, in a sporty way, a cultural and the natural heritage.

„Europe is walking“ will even more bring together the european countries, it‘s my firm belief. The meeting of people coming from all over Europe will facilitate knowing and estimating each other and bring respect by the international understanding of our united Europe. Culture has always been a flagship project for such movements.

I wish the organiser a successful „Europiade“ and I thank them a lot for their efforts.

Octavie Modert
Minister for Cultural Affairs

Greeting of Romain Schneider - Minister of Sports, Luxembourg

Romain Schneider, Ministre des Sports

The luxembourgish and the european association of popular sports, both together, are organizing for the first time a brand new event: the „Europiade - Europe is walking in the footsteps of the Gauls, Romans and Benedictines“. These attractive happening will take place in the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park in Echternach / Irrel from September 7 to 9, 2012.

This will definitely be an exciting adventure acdross the Little Luxembourgish Switzerland and the neighbouring Eifel - beautiful forests, impressive rocks, romantic valleys...

And top of that, in addition to the traditional walking routes of 5, 10 and 20 km, other activities of popular sports are on the programme: the „Europiade“-marathons over 42 km in Irrel and the „Müllerthal Trail“, swimming and biking!

The Europiade regularly knows a great participation on the agenda of the 55 members of the International Federation of Popular Sports where 5500 associations are affiliated to. There is hardly no better opportunity to make known, at the european stage, the beauties of the organizing countries. May this first Europiade have the desired success and be a great experience for all parties!

Romain Schneider
Ministre des Sports

Greeting of Françoise HETTO-GAASCH - Minister for Tourism and Middle Class, Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg!
In my capacity as Minister for Tourism it is a great pleasure for me to welcome all the participants on the Europiade 2012 in Luxembourg.
Not many activities have known such a change of image like the popular sports. In fact, walking is getting younger and more up to date, its rebound reaches people of all classes and all ages.
Due to this real renaissance, the actors of the tourism sector have paid increased attention to the further development of the existing hiking region and to make it even more diversified.
The actual offering - over 5 000 km - is impressive: 201 marked walkways, 25 national walkways, 2 cross-border and european walkways, 71 walkways from station to station, the trail network of the youth hostels as well as the theme trails and the Nordic Walking parks offer the perfect conditions for a hiking holiday, no matter what time of the year.
In this spirit I invite all the participants on the first Europiade to discover by foot the region of the Mullerthal / Little Luxembourgish Switzerland with the neighbouring Eifel and to explore the lovely villages which have formed that charming region and which have been formed by them.

I wish everybody a few unforgettable days in Luxembourg!

Minister for Tourism and Middle Class


Greeting of Théo Thiry - Mayor of the City of Echternach (L)

Wappen der Stadt Echternach /Lux.

A great sporting event will occur from September 7 - 9, 2012.

The first „Europiade“ will take place having „Europa wandert“ as its motto and there is no better region for it than the first cross-border natural park in Western Europe.

The german-luxembourgish natural park, arised in the course of time and characterized by the most different civilizations, is providing the perfect backdrop for this team organization.

With all my heart I thank the association „Europa wandert“, especially founded for this event, and I am already looking forward to a very well attended event with participants walking for the european idea and crossing the history of our wonderful region.

Bürgermeister Theo THIRY - Stadt Echternach
Mayor of the City of Echternach (L)

Greeting of Kurt Beck - Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate

Kurt Beck, Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate
Dear walking friends,

It‘s a real pleasure for me to become patron of the „Europiade 2012“, the first great sporting event of the European  Federation of Popular Sports. As someone who adores walking I appreciate the ambition to promote the popular walking throughout Europe.

The attractive landscape around Echternach an Irrel in the middle of the german-luxembourgish natural park is the perfect place. As patron of the organization I thank all those who are supporting this first „Europiade“. The Land Government is also pleased to contribute.

I wish that, with the motto of „Europa wandert“ as much as possible of the citizens will do the experience that walking means being near to the nature and culture, means feeling free. Walking does not only mean finding comfort and calm, it is also the possibility to have conversation with friends. In a word: walking is a wonderful way to put into practice free time and liberty!

I want that the 1st „Europiade“ will be successful and I hope that this „Premiere“ will be followed by a lot of multi-national walking events.
Faksimileunterschrift Kurt Beck
Kurt Beck
Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate

Greeting of Moritz Petry - Mayor of the Civil Township Irrel, Germany

Das Wappen der Verbandsgemeinde Irrel /D

A big event in the region

With the organization of the „Europiade“, the european, luxembourgish and german federations are bringing to our region an event I am already awaiting with pleasure.

The rocky region of the Eifel is well known as a hiking region and will be the perfect backdrop for walkers coming from all over Europe. The target date is also perfectly choosed. The new „Naturwanderpark delux“ will already be inaugurated in autumn 2012. Thereby, the region will dispose of a premium network of walkways covering a large area of the Natural Park in the southern part of the Eifel.

The cross-border dimension of this organization will definitely have a special character. What seems to be something special for people coming from outside is fortunately the normal for us. The existing collaboration is self-evident to get the cross-border region with the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park even more attractive.

I wish that the „Europiade“ will make disappear the frontiers and that it will point out, all over Europe, one the most beautiful natural regions. It will contribute to increase the value of the tourism in the rocky region, and of course we will be the best possible hosts.

That‘s the reason why I want to thank the organizers of the „Europiade“, their sponsors and their patrons for their efforts. The Civil Township of Irrel will also contribute to make this organization a successful one.

Moritz PETRY
Mayor of the
Civil Township of Irrel

Greeting of Heinz Haas - Mayor of the City of Irrel, Germany

Wappen der Stadt Echternach /Lux.

Europe is walking!

A wonderful header for an event which will bring people together and make forget all frontiers.

Dear walking friends, enjoy a cross-border organization and feel our hospitality.

Experience nature during your walks, get and feel the sweet air and let behind you, step by step, the everyday stress. Discover the beauties and the particularities of our region.

It‘s a great pleasure for me to see you soon in our climatic city and our beautiful environments.

Heinz Haas
Mayor of the City of Irrel

Greeting International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) and Luxembourg Federation of Popular Sports (FLMP)

Logos FLMP und IVV

The IVV was founded in 1968 and since 1972, Luxembourg is associated, being one of the first country member in that international federation. The object of the IVV is the stimulation of healthy fitness by non-competitive sports, the discovery of the cultural and historical values of other countries and regions and the contribution to international understanding and peace (

The IVV is represented in more than 50 countries and the european countries take the largest part. The Luxembourgish Federation (FLMP) with 47 member associations is proportionally a strong federation. The most powerful federation actually is the italian one, they have more than 1100 member associations.

Luxembourg always played an important role in the international federation. The honorary president of the FLMP, René Hofstrasser, was vice president of the IVV and the actual FLMP president is also vice president of the IVV. On the occasion of the world congress 2010 in Luxembourg the continental federations has been founded, Gérard Wohl being the president of the European Federation.

Every two years, since 1989, the IVV is organizing the „IVV Popular Sports Olympics“. 2009 it took place in Japan, in 2011 in Turkey (Antalya) and in 2013 it will take place in Wolkenstein, Südtirol. This event is a sport event lasting several days and joining thousands of people coming from all over the world.

The European Federation decided, with the agreement of the IVV, to organize every two years, in between the IVV Olympics, an „Europiade“ themed „Europe is walking“. The first „Europiade“ will take place in the greater area of Echternach / Irrel and is promising as it already receives a great interest by hikers an their associations. This „Europiade“ will play in future an important role in the history of the IVV.

FLMP Präsident  und IVV Vizepräsident Raymond Claude

Raymond Claude
President FLMP
Vice President IVV

Greeting of the European Federation of Popular Sports (IVV-Europe)

Logo EVV
1st Europiade (walking, swimming, biking)
across the borders from September 7 to 9, 2012 in the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park
The IVV world congress in Luxembourg on July 10, 2010 took some pathbreaking decisions which will be realized during the next years. At the same time a European Federation has been found, under Luxembourg law, with the idea to organize, beside and between the worlwide IVV-Olympics which is taking place every two years, a „Europiade“.

The Europiade will be themed „Europe is walking“ and the ambitious aim is the discovery of Europe across the borders. The Europiade will take place every 2 years and shall not last more than 3 days. This sports event will be organized in a european border region in teamwork by at least 2 members of the European Federation. The beginning of the Europiade will start with an easy „Presidents walk“ of 5 resp. 10 km and the route has to be walked in a „historical“ way. Beside the traditional walks of 5, 10 and more kilometers, the „cross-border Europiade marathon“ will be the sporting highlight and absolute must. Other popular sports will also be offered, like swimming or biking. The complete program will be accompanied culturally with visits of sights of the region and the host cities.

As Luxembourg and the FLMP didn‘t yet organize the IVV Olympics, the IVV congress decided unanimously to give the organization of the first Europiade to Luxembourg. A partnership has been founded with the german DVV and the newly formed „Europa is walking“ is taking over the planning of the first cross-border Europiade.

The region of the Little Luxembourgish Switzerland (Mullerthal) and the neighbouring southern part of the Eifel with its closed forests, its weird rock formation and its romantic valleys are a unique cross-border natural area where thousands of visitors rejoice in every year. By a treaty between the german state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the first natural park in Western Europe was created. A lot of things unite the host cities of Echternach (L) and Irrel (D) and so the first Europiade will be an great cross-border event.

Our sincere thanks go to the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate and the Luxembourg Ministries of Sports, Culture and Tourism for their patronage. Many thanks in advance to all the other partners and sponsors as well as the press for their useful collaboration.

The historical walk „following in the footsteps of the Gauls, the Romans and the Benedictines“ and through the unique natural region around an within the historical Abbey Town of Echternach will be the rendezvous for thousands of popular sport supporters.

EVV Präsident Gérard Wohl
Gérard WOHL
President IVV-Europe
9,op Troo
L-6495 Echternach

Greeting of the German Federation of Popular Sports (DVV)

Logo DVV
Europe is walking following in the footsteps of the Gauls, the Romans and the Benedictines
1st Europiade from September 7 to 9, 2012 in the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park
While walking once was considered as a hobby for seniors, its image changed during the last years and moving by foot proved to be a new trendy sport. Walking is a natural event, walking is well-being, walking is stress relaxation, walking is sport, walking tickles your senses and walking facilitates the social interaction.

Ramblers and nature lovers have the possibility to enjoy all this in the course of the 1st Europiade from September 7 to 9, 2012 in and around the cities of Echternach (L) and Irrel (D) in the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park. The event is themed „Europe is walking ... following in the footsteps of the Gauls, the Romans and the Benedictines“.

This major event is organized by „Europe is walking“, a special partnership between the German Federation of Popular Sports (DVV), the Luxembourg Federation of Popular Sports (FLMP) and the European Federation of Popular Sports. The European Federation has been founded in Luxembourg in July 2010 and the Europiade is the first major sporting event this new federation will organize.

The European Federation decided the inauguration of a Europiade taking place every two years in the border regions of two countries with cross-border walking-tours. For the first performance the region around Echternach and Irrel in the German-Luxembourgish Natural Park has been choosed. The region is not only disposing of beautiful situated areas and cultural diversity but there is also a variety of recreational activity. Weird rock formations, canyons and caves are crossing the forests and are forming the tourist region. Rivers, calm and wild waters and with them a part of prehistory make us quickly forget stress and hecticness of nowadays. No wonder that not only the Celts and the Romans, but also the late Neolithics succumbed to the charm of this countryside of wood and rivers. This unique region reveals itself best while wandering on one of the 550 km excellent routes. Beside the beauties of nature there are numerous castles, churches and abbeys, museums and a lot of other recreational activities to enjoy.

The sporting events in Echternach and Irrel will include also some cultural activities which are in the planning phase. In the afternoon of September 7, 2012 a presidents walk over 5 and 10 km will start in Echternach to begin the Europiade and in the evening, the official opening will be ceremonially celebrated in the Trifolion in Echternach. Walking and swimming in Irrel is the program for Saturday, September 8, 2012 combined with the 1st Europiade marathon. The same day, walking and biking is possible in Echternach. The last day will be a thrill for the ramblers with routes of 5, 10, 20 km and the Mullerthal Trail with 42 km. A procession in the streets of Echternach and a final ceremony will close the three-day event.

A special thank for supporting this organization is addressed to the Luxembourgish Ministries of Sport, Culture and Tourism, the City of Echternach, the Civil Township of Irrel and the Land of Rhineland-Palatinate. Such an organization would not be possible without their help. Other sponsors are also welcome.

Ramblers from all over Europe and all over the world are already invited today to participate in this walk and culture event. Come and find out the unison of history and nature on the walking routes in and around Echternach and Irrel.


DVV-Präsident Uwe Kneibert

President DVV
Dankwartweg 18
D-67069 Ludwigshafen
Telefon: 0621/661523

DVV Geschäftsführer Michael Mallmann

Manager DVV-Marketing
Beethovenstr. 2
D-55469 Simmern
Telefon: 06761 / 96 24 -40
Telefax: 06761 / 96 24 -41